Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Escape

Here is a band poster that I did for a friend's band.
If you are in Melbourne, you should come!
I have also done CD artwork for them, 
and hopefully I will see the printed version soon.

This is me

I do a new self portrait of myself every now and again.
Here's one for how I look in April 2012.

Blue Turtle Shell

Here is a poster I did for another friend's band.
They are 'acoustic nerd rock'.
The event is in the past now so unfortunately you can't go to it.
But I promise it was good.

Tiny Jazz Venue

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tattoo Show And Tell

They want to show you their tattoos.
If you don't like them,
you are just not cool enough.

Ms Bicycle Girl

I want this bike!
I also kind of want the hair...

The Girl With The Pigeon Tail

This is my favourite comic that I have ever done!
It's kind of the only comic I have ever done.
Still kind of pretty alright though.
I think.

An inspirational quote for you

All the internet loves inspirational quotes!
Here's a bit of hand-drawn typography
to celebrate a great quote by John Cage.

A few more illustrations

A few more bits of slightly older work that I am still very fond of.

 Grandad's Cardigan

H is for Handmade

I'm updating my blog with a bit more work
Some old, some new!
I hope you like it.

To start, here's a few of my favourite pages from my book,
H is for Handmade!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Singing Songs

What have I been doing recently? 
I have been doing much singing and playing of my guitar in fact, 
and I have a couple of songs to show you, 
and a couple more on my youtube channel which is here: 

This is me singing a song by Kimbra 

This is also me singing a song on my ukulele. 
If you are a really huge die-hard fan of Metallica, 
probably don't listen to it. 

My favourite thing about YouTube
 is how awesome the faces I make in the video thumbnails are.


About a penguin

Sad Alien Girl

Sad girl :(