Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tattoo Show And Tell

They want to show you their tattoos.
If you don't like them,
you are just not cool enough.

Ms Bicycle Girl

I want this bike!
I also kind of want the hair...

The Girl With The Pigeon Tail

This is my favourite comic that I have ever done!
It's kind of the only comic I have ever done.
Still kind of pretty alright though.
I think.

An inspirational quote for you

All the internet loves inspirational quotes!
Here's a bit of hand-drawn typography
to celebrate a great quote by John Cage.

A few more illustrations

A few more bits of slightly older work that I am still very fond of.

 Grandad's Cardigan

H is for Handmade

I'm updating my blog with a bit more work
Some old, some new!
I hope you like it.

To start, here's a few of my favourite pages from my book,
H is for Handmade!