Monday, January 14, 2013

Help Me Zine!

Hey guys!

I'm making an illustrated zine about people and art and I'm looking for input from people about their creative lives. The book will be a series of little artist bios of real and imaginary people, each set on a page like the example of Miles, exploring the art that people make and what goes on in the cool little brains of the cool little people who make it.

If you'd like to be part of it, please email me at gemmaflack at gmail dot com, or post here a couple of sentences (or more if you'd like to, as much as you'd like!) as a response to these two terrible and awful open ended questions: 

What art do you create?

This can be one thing or many things. It could be drawing, painting, making music, knitting, writing, dancing, singing, photography, object design, wood crafts, theatre, animation, street art, sculpture, finding junk at the side of the road and making awesome shit out of it… I could keep writing this list for a really really long time. Anything creative that you feel is part of your art or self expression.

And why do you create it?

Here's what I'm really interested in hearing about. Why do you do what you do.  It's a pretty hard question to answer, and there's probably a lot of answer that apply to every person.
If you've never really thought 'Whyyyyyyyyy?!?!'  then here are a few ideas and responses that I have found so far:

To process my thoughts, feelings and interpretation of the world
Because I enjoy the process of making something and having something to show for it
To make a record of my existence
Because I've studied skills and want to do something with them
To get people to think about topics that I am raising
Because I can't imagine what my life would be like if I didn't
As personal growth and self-discovery
Because I have art inside me and it needs to get out somehow
Because I just freaking like cute stuff ok?

Any contributions are most gratefully received and everybody who helps me out will have a little portrait drawn on a whole page, and your words typed up on a lovely typewriter about you and your art and how super cute you are.

Thanks so much for your help :)

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